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Banking & Creditor's Rights

KSB’s banking and creditor’s rights attorneys have extensive experience and are able to assist banks and other lenders with loan documentation, lien priority disputes and loan collections.  KSB has a long-established and strong relationship with many banks, providing guidance with general financial law and representing them as creditors in bankruptcies and in other instances of default by the borrower.  We assist commercial and agricultural lenders with commercial and real estate loan transactions, loan documents, collateralization, perfection of liens and debt workouts.  KSB also regularly represents individuals and other businesses in a creditor/debtor relationship.  Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing debtor plans of reorganization for feasibility debtor's attorneys and bankruptcy trustees to determine the best possible outcome for all parties upon discharge of the bankruptcy.  

What We Do

Bankruptcy Proceedings:  

creditor only

Bankruptcy & Reorganizations:  

KSB has represented hundreds of creditors in business reorganizations and debtor workouts.  A large percentage of this practice includes agricultural debtors attempting the restructuring of debt or liquidation of operations, including a review of feasibility of restructured plans.  


Commercial Litigation:

for more information on our litigation practice, click here

Debt Advice:  

businesses and individuals are provided advice concerning liquidation of debt and bankruptcies.

Representation of Creditors: 

in foreclosures, replevins and non-judicial trustee foreclosures

Who To Contact


James R. McClymont

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