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Business Law & Entity Planning

At KSB, our business attorneys are here to guide you through the important decisions that your business faces.  Your business relates to many aspects of your life and multiple areas of law, and taking action or making a change in one area could result in adverse consequences in a different area of law.  We understand that your business does not exist in isolation and our business team often works closely with the taxation, real estate and estate planning teams to help you understand the full effect of a decision or action.  

KSB represents clients at all stages of the business cycle – formation, operation, and sale or liquidation.  Many of our clients are in the second or third generation of ownership and operation of the business.  Our business attorneys have long served both agricultural operations and urban businesses, whether small or large, and we look forward to serving you and your business.

What We Do

Business Entity Selection:

including the use of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and professional corporations.  

Business Governance:  

including annual and special meeting minutes, and state biennial filings.  

Business Succession Planning & Business Transition Planning

Divisions of Business Entities: 

including tax-free corporate divisions of farm and ranch operations between family members.

Mergers, Liquidations, Reorganizations and Acquisition of Business Entities

Preparation & Interpretation of Agreements:

including ownership restrictive agreements, buy-sell agreements and voting agreements.  

Preparation of Operating Agreements: 

including Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Operating Agreements and other formation and governance documents.

Purchase & Sale of Businesses & Business Interests

Who To Contact


James R. McClymont


Todd D. Turner

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