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Employment Law

You have employees.  As an employer, you have specific rights and responsibilities, as do your employees.  Unfortunately, these rights and responsibilities come from federal, state, and local government, from different agencies at each level, and sometimes with conflicting goals.  If you are an employer, the employment law team at KSB is able to help you in understanding your rights and responsibilities, prepare employment handbooks, deal with disciplinary actions and address other employment law issues.

Whether your business organization is small or large, KSB’s employment law team is prepared to provide assistance and advice regarding the following:

What We Do

ADA, FMLA & Other Federal Employment Laws

Disciplinary Actions:  

guidance in handling of disciplinary actions

Employment Litigation: 

  • Disciplinary and termination matters

  • Employment discrimination claims –

    • Before the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission

    • In Nebraska state and federal courts


Independent Contractor Matters

Law Compliance:  

compliance with federal, state and local employment laws

Preparation of Agreements: 

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Non-Competition

Wage and Hour Issues


Workers' Compensation

Who To Contact


Larry R. Baumann

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