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Family Law

KSB’s family law attorneys are ready to provide you with the legal background and guidance you need when legal issues intersect with family issues.  Whether it is the blessing of an adoption, the struggle of a divorce, or other matters, our family law attorneys can help you.  We understand that family law issues impact our clients personally and our attorneys are sensitive to each client’s unique situation, while remaining focused on the legal aspects appropriate to move forward and resolve the matter.  We prefer to seek resolution through collaboration and other less adversarial means, but will zealously represent your interests as warranted by the circumstances.

What We Do


Custody, Visitation & Child Support:  

including custody for unmarried parents

Divorce & Modification of Divorce Decrees

Guardian Ad Litem Assistance

Guardianship and Conservatorship:  the creation of a guardianship or conservatorship for elderly and incapacitated loved ones.

  • Assistance in obtaining an ex parte or temporary guardianship

  • Establishment of a permanent guardianship or conservatorship

  • Support for the guardian or conservator in their annual accounting requirements

Parenting Plans


Property Division

Who To Contact


Larry R. Baumann

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