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School Law

At KSB, our school law team represents school districts through their Boards of Education and school administrators.  The team members regularly provide legal advice and counsel to school officials, and frequently attend public and closed-session board meetings.  Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing school districts, whether involving business, education, finance, or legislation.  Schools face unique, and often sensitive, issues in dealing with the children who are under their supervision.  KSB’s school law team has helped clients resolve a broad array of these issues, including student discipline, special education, employee discipline and termination, reductions in force, and discrimination.  Our primary goal is first, to take preventative action and reduce the potential for issues to develop.  When issues do arise, we strive to resolve them amicably, but are prepared to litigate when circumstances warrant.

KSB’s school law attorneys are frequent speakers at conferences sponsored by various regional and local professional education organizations and associations.

What We Do

Accountability & Disclosure Act Requirements

Bond Issues

Drug & Alcohol: 

policies and testing procedures 

Election of Board Members

Free Speech Rights: 

of students and teachers under the First Amendment

School Board & Administrators' Obligations and Duties

School Board Policies


Student Disciplinary Matters:  

including suspension and expulsion hearings, policies and requirements and due process hearings

Title IX Compliance

Who To Contact


Larry R. Baumann

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