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Tax Law

At Kelley, Scritsmier & Byrne, the taxation team is ready to assist you with the complex array of federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations.  Taxes affect every aspect of our lives on a daily basis, both personal and business.  The taxation team at KSB has the knowledge and experience to help you minimize your tax exposure with advance planning.  Our attorneys have Masters’ Degrees in either Taxation or Accounting, and one is a CPA (currently inactive registrant) and former IRS Agent.  The taxation team frequently works with our business team and estate planning team to address tax matters that arise within those fields of practice.

Tax law is constantly changing and sometimes the changes are unexpected.  We strive to keep up with these changes and stay at the forefront of the tax world.  If you have a current issue with the IRS or Nebraska Department of Revenue, our tax team can provide audit guidance and appeals process assistance.  Our taxation team and litigation team have attorneys who are licensed to practice before the U.S. Tax Court.

For charitable-minded clients, our taxation team will work with you to create a charitable plan to meet your goals.  Our attorneys can provide you guidance on the different structures available for charitable giving.  Some structures allow you to provide a benefit (an annuity) to yourself or another person for life or a fixed period of time.  You are permitted to take a partial charitable deduction while retaining (or giving to another) an income stream, providing a source of funds for life.  Other structures, including gifts of appreciated property, in limited circumstances, can provide other benefits.

What We Do

Business Entity Tax Planning: 

including the formation and operation of corporations, partnerships and LLCs


Charitable Planning & Non-profit Organizations:

  • Private foundations

  • Charitable organizations

  • Charitable annuity trusts and unitrusts

  • Creating endowment plans and annuities with existing Community Foundations

Estate Tax Planning:  

gifts and generation skipping tax laws


Federal Income Taxation of Trusts

Gift & Estate Tax Returns:  

preparation of gift and estate tax returns

IRS Disputes & Tax Audit Assistance

Private Letter Rulings

Real Estate Purchase, Sales & Tax-free Like-kind Exchanges

Tax-free Corporate Divisions:

of family farm and ranch operations

Tax Minimization:  

implementation of tax minimization plans concerning mergers, reorganizations and liquidations of family farm and commercial businesses​


Tax Protests, Disputes & Litigation

Who To Contact


Todd D. Turner

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